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Receive high-quality statistical consulting services, from Alpha StatConsult LLC based in Damascus, MD.  Providing statistical consulting services to science and research in the biological, clinical, psychological and environmental fields for government and private sector research. Subject matter expertise in statistical methods make insurmountable tasks possible to overcome. We specialize in SAS® design for both traditional and novel analytical approaches to deliver maximum information from your data. Our statistical consulting services are tailored to your business, your challenges, and your people.



Statistical Consulting Services to meet your needs. GLP Certified and dedicated to providing rigorous statistical analysis to meet clients needs for informed decision making. To speak with an experienced statistician, simply contact us in Damascus, MD at your earliest convenience.


The National Institute of Health awarded a grant to Alpha StatConsult LLC for the development of a statistical design tool for animal researchers.  Congratulations on winning Grant #1R43DA041758-01 Alpha StatConsult! This research is supported by the National Institute On Drug Abuse.  See Statistical Analyses Application for Imputation below.

Congratulations to Dr. Nicola Richardson-Harman on her part in the AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. 2016 Feb 10 publication:  Comparison of Follicular and Luteal Phase Mucosal Markers of HIV Susceptibility in Healthy Women at


Free Statistical Analyses Applications:


Power Analysis for Animal Research

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